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Originally named Bailey's Tavern, was built in mid 1800's.  At that time, the tavern served the upper class​ as a retreat from the city life to the once-booming logging country town of Warren, NH.  After the logging industry declined, Warren sold most of it's land to the National Forest Reserve.  Warren remains abundantly rich in all that country living has to offer in a small quaint town.

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Rustic Gatherings Lodge is located in the White Mountains. 

A place I like to call "the middle of everywhere”, a segue to a relaxing and adventurous retreat. 

The small country town of Warren, NH is surrounded ​by National Forest and offers many peaceful moments in nature.  

After growing up here, my husband and I chose to raise our family in this town.  It is our desire to share its wealth of nature and adventure with those who come to visit.


Sandy & Sean Donahue, Owners

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